About SmithVaitiare

We are committed to raising awareness around the issues currently facing our planet and humanity.
To this end, we work closely with Le Ciel Foundation, https://lecielfoundation.com
Le Ciel Foundation is dedicated to restoring Harmony and Ecology on a global scale through Cultural, 
Spiritual and Environmental projects. A selection of the artists from our website will be exhibiting work in exhibitions hosted by Christies Auction House in London, New York and Dubai in the Spring of 2020.
The works of art will be sold in a charity auction, the proceeds of which will go directly to funding Le Ciel projects around the world. Please
contact us for further information on these events.
If you have a project that you would like to share with us please let us know.
SmithVaitiare has curated The Sabina Art Collection in Ibiza Spain, www.sabinaibiza.com . The theme of this beautiful Art Collection is
‘Spirit’ and includes many of the artists you see here. Please contact us for more information about Sabina Estates,
Ibiza’s first ecologically inspired private villa estate and clubhouse with 5 star facilities.

About Elizabeth Smith

I grew up with an artist for a Grandfather, an Art dealer for a father and a mother who had an amazing appreciation for both artists and works of art. These things inspired me to study first Western Art History at UCL and then Asian Art and Architecture for my Masters.
My Grandfather saw everything through his artistic eye – raising his 4 children in the North Yorkshire Moors during the war years, making his living selling his oil paintings and to subsidise the life of a struggling artist and father of four children, as the proprietor of a Framers shop in a small town on the Moors.
He would walk miles every day all of his life, across his beloved Moors, sketch book in hand and then spend hours in his studio/shed at the end of the garden..a place I found magical from as early as I have memories. Stuffed full of canvases, in varying degrees of finish, smelling of oil paint, gesso and his pipe tobacco, it was a magical world of its own. His whole being wanted to recreate the spirit he encountered in the nature of the Moors. His paintings, although never really of one particular spot, sought to recreate the wild beauty of the places he loved – the sounds of the sea, the blustering wind, a river rushing over craggy rocks after the rains…as a child I used to think I could smell the moss on the rocks in his paintings. He often added the suggestion of a figure or two, a dog racing down an empty beach towards its owner. To encourage me to really look at the painting, he would tell me it was me and a family member, but in truth the figures simply represented the human experience within the landscape. They allowed the viewer a way in…They invited one to put oneself in the picture and experience it from the inside. For me his paintings were a gift, and continue to be, long after he has passed.
I tell this story because I think in a way, it’s what ultimately brought me to pursue the concept of “meaningful art”. I have always felt that the most important thing about a work of art was how it made me feel alive..not how much it was worth, or as a reminder of something sad or frightening. Instead its always been about how it could lift my spirits, how it could allow me to be in a place I dreamed of being…take me out of busy mind, how it could make me remember that there is something more than just the everyday. That there are bigger things to think about than the endless worries of everyday modern life.

I have always been drawn to work that achieves this. Painting, sculpture, photography- the medium not so important, the effect, everything.
The emerging religion of our contemporary society, ‘Spirituality’, has no dogma, no rules. For me it is about connection, about how we connect to whatever our idea of Spirit is. I went on a mission to find art that could enable people to gain this connection during the moments that they stand in front of the work. To provide something visual to assist in this process. The collection is as diverse as I could make it because people are diverse. A work that achieves this sense of connection for one person might not for another. But there is always a way in..

Art has such power. We know this, Kings and Religious leaders throughout history have used art to advocate their own power and wealth.
Now I feel it’s time to recognise that artists can use this power to help society find its way again. Artists should be given back the platform they once had in the time of the Medici, but now so that they can help inspire us to save our planet, to be kind to and respect each other, to seek something other than the wealth and greed that has ruined so much of the beauty of the planet and the people who inhabit it.

This is our mission. We hope you find something within the collection that enables your connection.

Elizabeth Smith, B.A , M.A.

About Vaitiare Gout-Fila

My early years set me on a path that would lead to a very eclectic and international way of life. I was born in Mexico city and spent my early years Living In Milan and Paris, eventually moving back to Mexico but constantly travelled between Italy and France, where my father lived.
As a result, I was exposed to a myriad of different international life styles, a huge variety of traditions and cultures with all their different arts and folklore. Picking up languages along the way..
I moved to Paris to study at La Sorbonne. During those years I was mesmerized by the incredible museums and exhibits in Paris and around Europe. Every spare moment I had was spent dreaming of the artists and their lives. How they could express such beauty, how they had brilliantly conveyed with creativity what they where experiencing, their vision and connection to their worlds…I spent many hours pondering these questions.

From Paris, i moved back to Mexico City to finish my studies and then on to New York City, where I lived and worked for almost 13 years. Living in New York’s high energy frequency for that long, meeting people from all sorts of lifestyles and again exposed to so many different cultures and magnificent exhibits and museums was very fulfilling and inspiring.

During my New York years Miami was a frequent escape to the good weather and I was amazed at the transformation Miami experienced because of the exposure to the art world surrounding Art Basel, and the artists encompassing this world. It gave the city a different vibe and a more meaningful common language to the melting pot of cultures that mix there, from around the world but specially from Latin America. I realized the transformational power that Art could have.
Now I live between the magical island of Ibiza and Miami but of course my life continues in the way it began, and our work is taking us all around the world to find exceptional artists who create ‘meaningful’ art.
I believe we all have a purpose we came here to fulfill. Taking all of this experience and being able to inspire through art that can touch the soul, gives purpose to my life.

I love the mission we are on at SmithVaitiare – to support and encourage this incredible collection of artists who dedicate their work to inspiring others to live in a more conscious way, in a way that is is more connected to Nature, to Spirit and to Self. Bringing to the forefront these incredible artists, giving them a platform and encouraging people to engage with works of art, not for investment, but because these works that can actually make a personal difference to the viewer- what a wonderful position to find oneself. The opportunity to be the link between the magic these artists create and the wonderful people we are meeting along the way – what an honour that is! To enable someone to come home and really feel that their spirit is uplifted by a work of art on their wall – I am so grateful for these experiences!

Vaitiare Gout-Fila